MEDICATION SAFETY VESTS from RISKOLOGIC are easy  to use, and with quantity pricing are very cost effective.

Research studies demonstrate that these vests  reduce medication errors by reducing nurses' interruptions during medication rounds. This saves lives and the risks, and associated costs for the organization. 

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Signs ​​

Signage helps improve the process. Signs are available on laminated card stock on:

8½ X 11, or 11 X 17 inch styles

Use on medication room doors, on computers on wheels, above medication dispensing machines, or wherever needed.

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Our medication safety vest is designed to be worn by nurses to reduce interruptions and distractions during medication administration rounds, which decreases medication errors. The vest is disposable, which reduces risk of infection. Discard the vest when it becomes soiled or contaminated.

Limiting interruptions minimizes errors, creates safer medication passes for nurses, and provides for additional time for patient care. When nurses are not interrupted, they complete their rounds quicker, and are able to spend more time with patients and families.

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